CPC Kicks Off Nationwide Tour for Fairlife

July was the beginning of this summer’s nationwide tour for Fairlife. Our two teams started on opposite sides of the country: in Washington, D.C. and Salt Lake City, Utah. Since then, both teams have made their way through many of the summer’s biggest events from the east coast to the west.

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Why you should hire experiential agencies for experiential marketing.

By CPC – Create. Play. Connect. 

You may read the title of this article and think, well of course, if you need a website designed you hire a firm that specializes in web design, right? Makes sense, but experiential seems to always have a grey area…grey as in what constitutes “experiential” seems to vary depending upon who you ask, and because experiential used to be the redheaded stepchild (no offense to all you lovely gingers out there). Experiential marketing used to be an afterthought, usually lumped in with any leftover budget once the sexy media buy and traditional advertising was complete. However, as we now know, experiential marketing is a discipline of its own and a very persuasive one. It is the medium in which consumers can fully immerse themselves with your brand and truly understand the essence of what your brand embodies. It cannot be fast-forwarded, turned off or muted, because the consumer has to engage in the experience (yes, they can walk right by, but if they engage, it requires two-way communication). In a world filled with screens, it offers real interactions.

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What is Brand Experience Anyways?

March 22, 2016

You’ve probably heard or seen by now agencies redefining themselves as “brand experiences” agencies, but what does this mean? Is it event marketing? Experiential marketing? Does it matter? From a marketer’s perspective, yes it matters and it’s been one of the buzz phrases, along with innovate, for quite some time now. But does it translate into sales? Conversions? Brand love? I’m not going to dive into the research and science behind it, but from a purely anecdotal perspective, I find it fascinating that some brands have some incredible opportunities to engage consumers, yet they fail to deliver a memorable experience. Or worse, the experience is amazing and the consumer walks away thinking you are the competitor brand or doesn’t remember the brand at all. Kind of like those expensive Super Bowl ads everyone talks about…but they don’t remember the brand. It’s great that people love and respond to the ad, but if they cannot remember your brand, that’s a lot of money to spend with nothing in return.

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