Why you should hire experiential agencies for experiential marketing.

By CPC – Create. Play. Connect. 

You may read the title of this article and think, well of course, if you need a website designed you hire a firm that specializes in web design, right? Makes sense, but experiential seems to always have a grey area…grey as in what constitutes “experiential” seems to vary depending upon who you ask, and because experiential used to be the redheaded stepchild (no offense to all you lovely gingers out there). Experiential marketing used to be an afterthought, usually lumped in with any leftover budget once the sexy media buy and traditional advertising was complete. However, as we now know, experiential marketing is a discipline of its own and a very persuasive one. It is the medium in which consumers can fully immerse themselves with your brand and truly understand the essence of what your brand embodies. It cannot be fast-forwarded, turned off or muted, because the consumer has to engage in the experience (yes, they can walk right by, but if they engage, it requires two-way communication). In a world filled with screens, it offers real interactions.

Although some may think experiential marketing started as product sampling and not much more, it has become the way to connect with consumers in an authentic, engaging and memorable approach. Well, at least if it’s executed correctly. This is where experiential agencies become vital…you see, on the surface it may appear that all you do is throw up some fancy branded tents at an event and hire some brand ambassadors to hand out swag. However, it is so much more and the agencies dedicated to experiential take great pride in not just the idea, but in the execution.


Because even the greatest idea will fall short if it is not executed properly. Execution is key to a successful event and to ensure your brand’s authenticity is maintained. It is why we decided to remain an experiential agency, despite opportunities to branch out into more traditional mediums. We will never be a “full-service” agency and we don’t want to be one. We are not a PR firm, we are an experiential agency. We do events, product sampling, tours, trade shows, etc. and we are proud of it. So next time you want to add some “experiential” to your marketing mix, we hope you think of us and the other great agencies who take pride in being an experiential agency.