Om Nom Nom

Road To The Kids' Choice Awards

An imaginative world created and brought to life where Gushers, Fruit By The Foot, and Fruit Roll Ups all lived and interacted as they made their way cross-country to the Kids’ Choice Awards in LA.

4,000+ Miles Traveled


Brand Ambassadors distributed samples out of the unmistakable Fruitsnackia van, complete with a tongue rolled out as a red carpet.

Roller Coaster Photo Op

A life-size roller coaster car allowed kids to hop in and accessorize with Snackians and props, and receive a photo print-out on the spot.

14 Events

32,000 Samples

Larry: Life-Size Gusher

Kids fell in love with Larry, who played host to the Fruitsnackia experience and doubled as a photo op.

Scent Machine

The fresh smell of strawberry filled the air from the scent machines hidden in flowerpots, giving kids one more reason to check out the fun.