The Experience


Experiential marketing has many definitions, but it boils down to the ability to create memorable and meaningful connections with your consumers. It’s what creates loyalists, advocates and champions of your brand. And we have more than 30 years experience in making that happen.

Mobile tours / Retail roadshows / Pop-up events / VIP events / Sampling & product launches / Sponsorship activation / Street teams / PR stunts

Virtual & Digital

Virtual experiences are no longer an afterthought, but a core component and with advanced technology, we have the ability to create amazing interactions around the globe. CPC has always been at the forefront of innovation and is uniquely positioned to help you create a virtual event or incorporate the most appropriate digital element in your campaign.

Virtual event production / Social media integration / Content strategy / Interactive event technology / Photo & data capture / Gaming & promotions


B2B marketing has begun to adopt many of the standards of consumer marketing and CPC brings those critical engagement components and adapts them for success in B2B. From face-to-face interactions to digital engagements and sales tools, CPC knows how to tell your brand story in the business environment.

Interactive sales tools / Trade show environments / B2B roadshows / Partnership marketing / Corporate events / Brand storytelling

Behind The Experience


CPC will leverage our experienced team and network of specialists to create winning strategy. We offer our expertise, not just in experiential, but in an array of marketing platforms that can ultimately provide you with an integrated goal-oriented program.

Integrated marketing programs / Measurement & analytics /Brand storytelling / Consumer engagement / Promotional calendars / New product launches / Virtual strategy development / Shopper Marketing


Live event or virtual production, CPC handles the details of everything it takes to get off the ground. From creative development to asset production and from content strategy to event execution, our team will product a flawless event designed to make a lasting connection with your audience.

Site design & buildout / Venue sourcing / Technology & A/V service / Branded assets – design & production / Permits, licenses & safety regulations / DOT & touring logistics

CPC Presents IRAP

IRAP, Interactive Retail Activation Platform, combines digital signage with consumer engagement in one impactful package. Screens are transformed into powerful marketing tools with the ability to engage, educate and even complete the retail transaction.

  • Customizable display units and content development
  • Content managed remotely to ensure consistency and enable real-time updates
  • Ability to drive sales through discounts, purchase transactions or store app integration
  • Metrics that measure engagement, impressions, shopper data
  • Safety considerations from antimicrobial screens to touch-free options

IRAP is for BRANDS who need impressions at point of sale and are looking for innovative ways to involve the consumer in a digital conversation. IRAP is for RETAILERS to increase customer basket size and encourage store dwell time; programs can be designed to sell this space in your store.